Pixel Film Studios launches FCPX Light Rays for Final Cut Pro X

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. (PRWEB) December 12, 2018

FCPX Light Rays lets users add realistic volumetric lighting to media using new and advanced motion tracking technology. Create a mask around a light source and track it’s movement. Then, make adjustments to the direction and size of light rays using intuitive on-screen controls. FCPX Light Rays can help light up any scene in just a few easy steps.

Invigorate media with realistic rays of light. Add radiant beams to indoor shots and enhance outdoor lighting with beautiful crepuscular rays. The possibilities are endless using FCPX Light Rays from Pixel Film Studios.

FCPX Light Rays features a brand new trackable mask tool that allows users to outline a light source and track it’s movement so that the mask stays in place. This ensures that the source of the volumetric lighting is contained within the mask. FCPX Light Rays features a variety of tracking options and the even the ability to keyframe mask positions and add automatically animate between keyframes.

After adjusting the direction and length of light rays using the intuitive on-screen control set-up users can find many more attributes in the Light Controls section. Adjust the color of the light, the amount of glow, the diffusion amount/point and the prism amount. It’s easier than ever to fine tune custom light.

FCPX Light Rays features additional presets that allow users to mask out a portion of your clip from receiving any light. Users can also soften the mask for a more natural light falloff look.