Dr. Jason Lowenstein Receives ‘NJ Favorite Kids Doc’ Award for Pediatric Spine Surgery

A founding member of the Advanced Spine Center, Dr. Lowenstein believes in evolving with the latest advancements in conservative and minimally invasive scoliosis treatment. From genetic testing to predict curve progression to spinal bracing, Dr. Lowenstein exhausts all non-surgical options before recommending his patients for surgery. When surgery is indicated, Dr. Lowenstein recruits high-tech visualization equipment to optimize his surgical outcomes:

“Using the latest technology, including 3D image-guided intraoperative navigation, we’re able to offer minimally invasive options even for some of our most complicated and challenging cases,” he explains.

For Dr. Lowenstein’s patients, minimally invasive surgery also means smaller incision sizes, less post-surgical scarring, quicker recovery times, and overall better patient outcomes.

In doing so, Dr. Lowenstein’s primary goal will be to make technological advancements in scoliosis surgery more accessible to his patients:

“Scoliosis treatment continues to evolve and expand, including new bracing and therapy options as well as advancing growth modulation surgeries. Our goal is to offer all available options to our patients so that we can allow them to make informed decisions when choosing and formulating a collaborative treatment strategy.”

By taking a multidisciplinary approach to spine care and sharpening his focus on patient advocacy, Dr. Lowenstein looks forward to ushering in another year of expansion and growth.